Advertising Online – The Advantages of Advertising Online Compared to Traditional Offline Media

Although both types of advertising of course has benefits and advantages, does online advertising really offer more than offline? Or, should they both be used in conjunction with each other, as long as the company can afford it? Below are some of the reasons online advertising is getting more popular and effective when we compare it to offline advertising, including newspapers and flyers etc.Cheaper – If you weigh up the difference between offline and online advertising, online advertising is usually much cheaper than offline advertising. A decent cost per click budget or website advert is generally much cheaper than a series or run of offline or newspaper advertising and is often much more targeted and rewarding. This is not always the case, especially if you get deals for long term advertising offline, but on the whole you normally find that online advertising works out to be more cost effective and controllable in the long run.Target Audience – A major advantage of online advertising is that you can target your audience much more efficiently. For example, if you advertise in a newspaper, although you can choose the newspaper that you consider being nearer your perfect audience, you will still have many more people who do not fit your criteria. With online advertising you can select who your advert is seen by, by niche, age, location and many other factors, especially when using cost per click or other social media types of advertising.More Options – When you consider the types of offline advertising there is, you will normally be able to name the top three, which are newspaper advertising, flyers and television. But when you look at online advertising the options seem to be much more, with cost per click, banner advertising, email marketing, site sponsorship, directory advertising and many more. Online advertising also has more flexibility using these options, as they can easily be turned on and off, changed or re-written and republished to take advantage of any related news that might be relevant to the advert.Quicker – One of the biggest advantages of advertising online is how quick it can be. From the second you publish your new advert, news story or pay per click advert, it will be live on the internet and have the potential to be viewed by thousands of people. With offline advertising, especially newspaper adverts, you could be waiting up to a week for your advert to go to press and then be delivered to all of the possible readers, meaning you have to plan well in advance to capture time critical or seasonal advertising opportunities.So, should all businesses ditch offline advertising and go fully online? Of course they should not, as for some businesses offline advertising will always have some mileage to it, and although it is hard to believe, not everyone has access to the internet or the know how to use it successfully to find what they want.Even so, online advertising is growing rapidly and offline advertising is really suffering, as online seems to offer much more flexibility and options to get the message across for many businesses and companies.