Sky Advertising – Most Appealing and Novel Advertising

Sky advertising, as the name indicates, means the advertising that is done in the sky. It is the latest form of advertising which claims to capture the mass audience in a single try. It is the desire of man to reach the skies since the existence of man on the earth. Anything which flies high in the sky, or displays in the sky appears to be the most fascinating thing to the human mind. Advertisers are using this psyche of human nature and thought upon devising a system that would help them in publishing their advertisement in the sky.Sky advertising uses all the techniques of the traditional and typical advertising. It includes billboards, banners, pamphlets that are distributed by throwing from the plane, sky typing and sky writing. The procedure is same except that the difference lies in the materials and text used, and the source i.e. airplane and aircraft. It is the general phenomena that any advertisement which is aired on the television lasts for only that very moment. It is forgotten soon even after few seconds because everyday consumers are bombarded with so many advertisements that are not easy to remember. Moreover, the frequent encounter to such advertisements can cause boredom and loss of interest of the consumer. The key to successful advertising is to make advertisements that are interesting and long last in the minds of the target audience.People were beginning to find flaws in the traditional advertising and so were the viewers. To give a new orientation to the advertisement, sky advertising was invented. Various techniques are carried with various transporting images. The airplanes, aircraft, balloons and skydiving are the means which carry the aerial banners, bill boards and messages in the air. The aerial advertising is limited to the day time only, when there is light so that the message or banners are easily readable by the people. However, sky advertising can be carried out at night. The LED and neon lights are used to make LED based message which is then present in the night. These lights make the message look more fascinating and magnificent at the night. The lights shine and sparkle in a beautiful manner in the darkness of the night which surrounded the message. It is the most appealing and striking sight witnessed by the viewers. The image and impact of the sky advertisement lasts long in the minds of the consumers.Understanding the immense appreciation and need of sky advertisement; advertising companies are made to carry out it. In addition, aircraft and aviation companies possess highly specialized planes and balloons for this purpose. Services are provided by these companies to advertisers to publish the respective advertisement in the sky. It is also observed that the traditional means of advertising were not efficient to reach each and every consumer. Those who read news papers were the only exposed to the print advertisements. The one who watched television were in contact with the advertisement. What about those who are not in touch with the television or newspaper? There are people in the world who does not possess the facility of television and newspaper. In order to reach the maximum audience, sky advertising is considered to be the most efficient one. In reality, it is confirmed that massive number of people bears in mind the information of sky advertisements in comparison to the advertisements that are accessible through vice commercial, print commercial and video advertisements. This evidence alone is sufficient to convince any organization that airplane advertisement is the most successful technique to transmit a message across.

How To Set Up An Advertising Group To Sell, Sell, Sell!

There are several fundamental problems facing business start-ups and chief among them is raising financial capital to support operations, production, marketing and sales. Obviously, sales are the most important activity for a business but is often at this point, with a lack of sales, when the reality sets in that without money you cannot advertise in any meaningful way. Even something as simple as classified advertising requires a meaningful advertising budget in order to test ads, fail, adjust, test, fail, adjust until you find the winning ad. When considering other advertising like newspaper ads, direct mail, radio and TV spots, advertising budgets morph into something outside the reach of most under-capitalized business owners. Even Internet advertising can be cost prohibitive, especially when you consider the “cost- per-click” and the low conversion ratios. You can have the best product or service in the world and if you cannot afford to advertise it, you won’t sell it. The exception to this statement is if you have an outside sales force, which, by its very nature, is another expensive and cost prohibitive option for a start-up. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule but for most start-ups, these are the realities.So what can you do to raise money to advertise your wares on and off line? One answer is to form an advertising group. One of the best ways to from an advertising group is to put together a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) which has the benefits of a corporation and approaches the simplicity of a sole proprietorship or partnership. The purpose of the LLC is to recruit investors to invest into the group for the sole purpose of advertising the product or service. Among the benefits of having such an advertising group is the fact that investment risk is shared with no single investor carrying the burden alone. Additionally, the advertising group can be active investors meaning; that the group makes advertising decision as a mastermind group, sharing the risk and rewards of decision making thereby removing the burden from you to call all the shots. It is a way for you to arrange a board of interested directors who have a direct responsibility for the success of the group. It gets the investors involved in the advertising and selling aspect of a product or service while keeping them separated from the original business. For example, you could incorporate your start-up business and hold all the stock and, incorporate the advertising group and give away 90 percent of the stock (retain 10% for yourself) in exchange for investment capital. In this way, your core business is specifically focused on operations and order fulfillment while the advertising group specializes on advertising and selling what your core business provides. You can keep 100% ownership and control of your core business and share in the ownership of the advertising group. If the advertising group fails, your core business remains intact. This way, you can set up another advertising group and try again with another group of investors. By having the investors actively engaged in the advertising decisions of the group, their success or failure is ultimately their responsibility.You will need the services of an attorney to make sure you are in legal and financial compliance with city. State and federal authorities including the FTC and SEC laws regarding stock sales. One way to overcome the cost of legal and accounting services is to offer the attorney and accountant 5 or 10% ownership in the advertising group in exchange for services (a performance agreement based on results). These two key players, if selected correctly, can help recruit investors and lend credibility to the advertising group start-up.If you would like to learn more about advertising and selling on limited budget, visit our site and go to the product menu, click on business kits and look for the business kit called “Advertising Works”. It is jammed packed with critical information to help you set up a small business advertising and marketing machine to sell, sell, sell! While you are there, check out our Smartie business E-books too!To your unwavering success!Copyright © 2006 James W. Hart, IV All Rights reserved